DOLA's Work Plans

1.Sterilization Campaign for Stray Dogs in Saltlake

Thousands of street dogs are routinely killed by city corporations across the country to prevent the spread of rabies, traffic and sanitation basically for indigenous stray dogs that are increasing in number day by day. This drive will sterilize them, thus controlling their population. And many street dogs are not healthy and medically fit as they give birth uncountable times and this is one of the main reason of their death.They cant provide milk to their kids due to ill health and cant produce sufficient milk.

Animal Rights Fund is a nonprofit, charitable organization dedicated to saving animal lives, improving relationships between man, animal and environment, providing humane education and promoting cruelty-free vegan life style.
To strengthen the animal rights and to stop cruelty to pets and animals.
Address : BC 38/3, Saltlake, Kolkata - 700064
Ph : 09830440800
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